HÜRAS, established in 1995 by manufacturing elevator cars (cabinets),came into view with rising value, a successful history and trend of rising in the production of automatic elevator doors in elevator field.


Behind the achieved success, there are customer-focusedand efficiency centered management approach. This approach not only with materialistic earnings, aiming customer satisfaction, providing benefits to the all community, developing an understanding.


Solutions offering in all areas being aware of responsibilities HÜRAS, leading and working to be a model acting with a vision, with investment country’s economy and employment provides contribution.


While offering services with high technology, brand quality and dynamic human sources, we are aiming to rise the value of our brand not only in our country but also in international area.


Our values are product quality, service sustainability , adding value to the customer and to acquire the development as guide.


The business mentality is to increase the quality continuously in manufacturing process. Awareness of standardization in production and the we are approaching our destination with international quality certificates.


HÜRAS will continue working on the basis of customer satisfaction ...


22 Year Experience

Experienced • Quality • Reliable